Friday Rueda Practice at Oceanside Pier - Fri. Aug 31st

Greetings Casineros & Amigos,
Going back to our other regular spot Friday Rueda practice locally. This time we are heading to Oceanside Pier to practice the moves for the Mega Rueda for the first Musica en la Plaza event. Come learn the moves I will be calling next week for the Musica en la Plaza.   Practice! Practice! Practice! We will have a great time dancing outside to cool off from the heat. Check out this picture below as to where we will be in reference to the Oceanside Pier.

Here are the details:
WHAT: Friday Rueda Practice at Oceanside Pier - Preparing for Mega Rueda on Sept 7th
WHEN: Friday, August 31, 2018 7pm-9pm                                 
WHERE: The north side of the Oceanside Pier down the right side of the stairs
300 The Strand N, Oceanside, CA 92054

Caminamos pa-rriba
Pegale un tarro
Un tarro - mentira!
Pa-bajo - exhibela dos veces - escapate
Enchfula + DQN + Y Dicelo!!!
Enchufla doble
Dame con despelote
Dame con ambulancia
Dame con azucar
Dame la loca con bulla
Exibela pa-fuera
Saca la vecina
El corto con la bola
Enchufla con manolin - pa-mi/pa ti
Vacilala con una mano
Sombrero con Vuelta
Sombrero y Caminala
Enchufla con mambo
Adios - adios con la hermana - adios con la familia
Una bulla - dos bullas, con Celia - Uy Yui Yui!
Matala - Sta'vivo - Aplastala
Ping Pong Triple
Un fly
Dos flys y una bulla

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