October 6th - Casino on Concrete at Solana Beach

Come dance a few of hours with casino friends/family members. I've got a timba playlist ready to go. This is a free family friendly event. Bring snacks to share with all. So it is part dancing and part snack-luck (instead of pot-luck). Here are the details
Here are the details:

What: A Free Casino/Rueda dance party/picnic near the beach.Timba music for 3 full hours. If we have any rumberos who want to bring their instruments, tumbadores are welcome!
When: Saturday, October 6th 5pm to 8pm
Where: Fletcher Cove Beach Park in Solana Beach: 111 South Sierra Avenue Solana Beach, CA 92075

Sat, Sept 22nd - Club Caribe night club in Bonita will play some timba!

Hola Casineros,
Guess who will play some timba, not a lot, but at least some and loves the Cuban music? DJ Tumbao (Oddy Pena). If we go tonight to Club Caribe, he will play some and we can get our timba fix for a Saturday night. You must text the following # to get in for $10 by 6pm today (Saturday): 619-889-7348.

Click here for the Facebook Event link.

Here are the details:
What: Club Caribe Latin dance night
When: Saturday, Sept 22nd 9pm to 2am (free dance lesson at 8:30pm)
Where: Club Caribe - 5080 Bonita Rd. #H, Bonita, CA
Cost: You must text Tommy Rosas with your First and Last name for $10 cover arrive Before 10:30pm; 619-889-7348 Guest list closes Sat at 6pm Reg price $20 

Let's see if we can make this a timba friendly event. Oddy loves Cuban music and went to Cuba to learn drumming so he is certainly a fan for the music. My experience when he DJs, without music restrictions, is that he recognizes me and Orlando (from Ocean House) and he will announce that he will play some timba, so for that, we like the guy! Hope to see you there!

Una Bulla!

Curuye Cuban SalsaTimba Dance Party in LA -Sat, Sept 15th

We are caravaning to LA for this dance party. If you plan to go, here are the details of our caravan take off point in Oceanside:

Meet at the Oceanside Park & Ride at 5pm. We have five people going from San Diego: David Branch, Tava Chunn, Michelle Judge, Orlando & myself. Vidal, Eleanor, Nabia and a few others will be meeting us at the party. SD will be in da' house. Casineros from Atlanta, Seattle, Mt Vernon will also be there.

Party starts at 7:30pm. Carpool caravans plan to leave at 5pm in case of traffic and for a food stop. If you plan to carpool please bring $5 for gas to help pay for the trip. 

Please text me (Maritza) at 206-300-4523 if you plan to carpool and meet us at the Oceanside Park & Ride. 

Here are the directions to the Oceanside park & ride.
If this link does not work, just type in Google Maps for "Public Parking Lot Oceanside, CA." It is at the intersection of I-5 and Hwy 78.

Below is the announcement about the Curuye Timba Party in LA from Facebook:

CURUYE's END OF SUMMER CUBASALSA TIMBA DANCE PARTY! DJ SAOCO always makes sure we stay on the dance floor with the best of CUBAN DANCE MUSIC! We’ll be dancing SALSA, RUEDA de CASINO, AFRO TIMBA w KATI HERNÁNDEZ, REGGAETÓN! SHARE SOME BDAY CAKE & THE BDAY DANCE for Sept Birthday babies. CHEF KELLEY will be serving up tasty plates for us to purchase, and bartender RAY will be on hand to quench our thirst! $10 cover. 

Una Bulla!

La Orquesta Aragon playing at Anthology Thursday, Oct 25th

This is a once in a lifetime appearance here in San Diego to have a legendary orchestra this well known and direct from Cuba. If you like the old school music of REAL cha cha cha, son, and son montuno, this is a must for San Diego casineros to attend this concert. It will be like watching the evolution of Cuban music in front of you. For those of you who love "son" this is your chance to break into some son on the dance floor. This is not to be missed! Get your tickets NOW!
If you want see a video of their performance, click the Box Office Anthology link below.
Here are the details:
When: Thursday, Oct 25th 7:30pm and 9:30pm (Two shows)
Where: Anthology - 1337 India Street, San Diego, CA
Cost: $14-$36 tickets or if you want a booth $54-$47 depending on which time you choose(the 7:30pm show or 9:30pm show). For more details, click this link to access the Box Office for Anthology.