La Orquesta Aragon playing at Anthology Thursday, Oct 25th

This is a once in a lifetime appearance here in San Diego to have a legendary orchestra this well known and direct from Cuba. If you like the old school music of REAL cha cha cha, son, and son montuno, this is a must for San Diego casineros to attend this concert. It will be like watching the evolution of Cuban music in front of you. For those of you who love "son" this is your chance to break into some son on the dance floor. This is not to be missed! Get your tickets NOW!
If you want see a video of their performance, click the Box Office Anthology link below.
Here are the details:
When: Thursday, Oct 25th 7:30pm and 9:30pm (Two shows)
Where: Anthology - 1337 India Street, San Diego, CA
Cost: $14-$36 tickets or if you want a booth $54-$47 depending on which time you choose(the 7:30pm show or 9:30pm show). For more details, click this link to access the Box Office for Anthology.

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