Curuye Cuban SalsaTimba Dance Party in LA -Sat, Sept 15th

We are caravaning to LA for this dance party. If you plan to go, here are the details of our caravan take off point in Oceanside:

Meet at the Oceanside Park & Ride at 5pm. We have five people going from San Diego: David Branch, Tava Chunn, Michelle Judge, Orlando & myself. Vidal, Eleanor, Nabia and a few others will be meeting us at the party. SD will be in da' house. Casineros from Atlanta, Seattle, Mt Vernon will also be there.

Party starts at 7:30pm. Carpool caravans plan to leave at 5pm in case of traffic and for a food stop. If you plan to carpool please bring $5 for gas to help pay for the trip. 

Please text me (Maritza) at 206-300-4523 if you plan to carpool and meet us at the Oceanside Park & Ride. 

Here are the directions to the Oceanside park & ride.
If this link does not work, just type in Google Maps for "Public Parking Lot Oceanside, CA." It is at the intersection of I-5 and Hwy 78.

Below is the announcement about the Curuye Timba Party in LA from Facebook:

CURUYE's END OF SUMMER CUBASALSA TIMBA DANCE PARTY! DJ SAOCO always makes sure we stay on the dance floor with the best of CUBAN DANCE MUSIC! We’ll be dancing SALSA, RUEDA de CASINO, AFRO TIMBA w KATI HERNÁNDEZ, REGGAETÓN! SHARE SOME BDAY CAKE & THE BDAY DANCE for Sept Birthday babies. CHEF KELLEY will be serving up tasty plates for us to purchase, and bartender RAY will be on hand to quench our thirst! $10 cover. 

Una Bulla!

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