Curuye Cuban Dance Party in LA - Sun. Nov 10th

Last month was a HUGE turn out of people who were at the Curuye Party in LA. We ahd 5 from San Diego. It was literally like being at the San Francisco Rueda Festival. Unbelievably fun the entire night. Rumbankete was amazing (the live timba band from LA). So many great dancers out there and the salsa suelta lines were the biggest I have ever seen...I mean...take a look at the promo picture below of the November Curuye party...that's how big it was!!! It is THEE best Cuban salsa party in Southern California. Don't miss out! If you have a birthday in November, come celebrate it at the Curuye party where they have a birthday cake for all November babies and you get the birthday dance (dance with everyone) a lo Cubano style!!Don't be shy and get your dance on! Call me if you are interested in going or can offer a ride. We will need another driver/car. Contact me (Maritza) at (206)300-4523 or e-mail at if you need a ride or can offer a ride.

Live Cuban "Son" Music by Combo Libertad at Tio Leo's - Fri. Nov 8th

We are getting a good dosage of live son music in November. This time, Combo Libertad, North County San Diego's very own "son" orchestra is playing at Tio Leo's on Friday, November 8th. If you love Cuban music, you have to see this orchestra. They are awesome and love the casineros who dance in front of them. Remember, there is a strong marriage between the musicians and the dancers. If you know the musical structure of Cuban "son" music and you can attack the clave beat with your feet dancing will make the musicians smile. Heck they will smile if you dance to their music regardless, but really if you can dance to 4th's like getting a high in your ears. I can certainly help you find that 4th beat. Come join us and dance with us!! They are awesome! It is at $12 cover charge. Below are the details:
WHEN: Friday, November 8, 2013 at 9pm
WHERE: Tio Leo's Lounge - 5302 Napa St, San Diego, CA
COST: It is at $12 cover charge. For more info, go to the Tio Leo's website

Live Son Music by Combo Libertad at Club M - Fri. Nov 1st

Greetings Casineros and Soneros,
We just heard that Combo Libertad, North County San Diego's very own "son" band  is playing again at Club M at the Hotel Grand Del Mar this Friday! How cool is that??!! If you are a fan of live Cuban music, you have to come check out this amazing son orchestra.
It is only from 7pm to 10pm, so get there on time so you can enjoy the music longer.  Below are the details:
When: Friday, November 1, 2013 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Where: Grand Hotel Del Mar at Club M
5200 Grand Del Mar Way, San Diego, CA
Cost: Free concert but there is valet parking ($10) OR you can walk a couple of minutes from the FREE hotel parking lot and you have the whole experience for free....unless you order a drink. Irma Salazar has reserve a table for 8 people so look for Irma and we will be there!

Casino on AstroTurf at Solana Beach - Sat. Nov 2nd

Casino On AstroTurf at Solana Beach, Saturday, Nov. 2nd from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Are You Ruedy Casineros?!
We are back on the AstroTurf for this November's installment of Casino on Cardboard  in Solana Beach at our favorite spot.

Come dance some timba, son and cha cha cha and join in on some ruedas, salsa suelta and just plain on-on-one casino dancing. The sun will set a little earlier so arrive on time to enjoy plenty of sunshine. It will be the day before DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. All the more reason to enjoy one last sunset relatively early. We had so many people at our last Solana Beach dance party, let's do that again!! Here are the details:

What: Casino on AstroTurf at Solana Beach
When: Saturday, November 2nd 5:00pm-7:00pm
Where: Fletcher Cove Beach Park in Solana Beach: 111 South Sierra Avenue Solana Beach, CA 92075
What to bring: a snack to share and something to drink. This is a family-friendly event. We are asking for a donation in order to buy a snap-together dance floor for future Casino on Cardboard. So any monetary donation is appreciated. We will have a donation box next to the spread of food and drinks. I've got a new playlist to share! 

This Sunday! Caravan/Carpooling to Curuye Timba Dance Party!

We are in need of some more drivers to go to Curuye. If you can offer a ride for someone else (all who ask for a ride must help with gas money). Please let me know by e-mailing me at This is going to be a big party! Rumbankete is playing live! LA's very own timba Band.

Check out their invitational video to the party. YOU are invited!!

Combo Libertad at Club M at Hotel Grand Del Mar - Fri. Oct 11th

Greetings Casinero and Soneros,
North County's very own son band is playing again (music made known around the world by Buena Vista Social Club, Orquesta Aragon, Arsenio Rodriguez, etc.)  Come dance at this beautiful upscale place called at Club M inside the luxurious Grand Hotel Del Mar on Friday, October 11th. Below are the details.

When: Friday, October 11, 2013 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Where: Grand Hotel Del Mar at Club M
5200 Grand Del Mar Way, San Diego, CA
Cost: Free concert but there is valet parking ($10) or walk a couple of minutes from the free hotel parking lot and you have the whole experience for free....unless you order a drink. A couple of our casineras will be reserving a couple of table, so look for Cathy Baquet or Irma Salazar.


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 5-10 PM @ The GRANADA, Main Ballroom!


COME CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF www.CURUYE.COM, (the cultural website that keeps you informed on Cuban events in Southern Cal), the 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of  CURUYE’s MONTHLY CUBAN DANCE PARTIES, and DJ SAOCO’s QUINCEAÑEARA—15 YRS of SPINNING CUBAN DANCE MUSIC in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!  This month’s special event will be held in the downstairs main ballroom of The GRANADA!

This special celebration offers non-stop DANCING with RUMBANKETE playing LIVE, DJ SAOCO spinning the BEST & LATEST CUBAN DANCE MUSIC, a CURUYE anniversary gift for the first 100 guests, RAFFLES for DANCE CLASSES, MUSIC, BEVERAGES... and MORE!  YOU’LL BE DANCING CASINO (Cuban Salsa), RUEDA DE CASINO, REGGAETÓN, RUMBA... At 5:30 PM KATI HERNÁNDEZ will give a hot CUBAN DANCE class, and her PA’ LA ORILLA DANCERS will be on hand leading us in some SIZZLING LINE DANCES throughout the night! WIL McZEAL will be warming up with some Rueda de Casino for earlybirds arriving at 5 PM.

We’re also celebrating RAFAEL CASIANO, LILIANA CÉSPEDES, WIL McZEAL, JEANE JULY, CAROL BACH-Y-RITA, OLIVER SIMS, DENIS JIRÓN ... OCTOBER BABIES so far slated to be dancing the BIRTHDAY DANCE and sharing some cake with you ... (let me know if you’d like to be part of the October birthday fun!). 

Adding to the festivities will be CASINEROS from ATLANTA, SEATTLE, PORTLAND, EUGENE who’ll be in LA for intensive Cuban dance workshops with Kati Hernández! LET’s WELCOME THEM TO L.A. & the CURUYE CUBAN DANCE PARTY EXPERIENCE! 

The GRANADA’s chef has a variety of tasty dishes available for hungry dancers to purchase throughout the night. 

$10 cover includes Kati’s dance class.


The GRANADA, 17 South First St., Alhambra 91801. Free parking in structure across from The Granada.

An event of, and the Curuye Cultural Education Project.