Live Cuban "Son" Music by Combo Libertad at Tio Leo's - Fri. Nov 8th

We are getting a good dosage of live son music in November. This time, Combo Libertad, North County San Diego's very own "son" orchestra is playing at Tio Leo's on Friday, November 8th. If you love Cuban music, you have to see this orchestra. They are awesome and love the casineros who dance in front of them. Remember, there is a strong marriage between the musicians and the dancers. If you know the musical structure of Cuban "son" music and you can attack the clave beat with your feet dancing will make the musicians smile. Heck they will smile if you dance to their music regardless, but really if you can dance to 4th's like getting a high in your ears. I can certainly help you find that 4th beat. Come join us and dance with us!! They are awesome! It is at $12 cover charge. Below are the details:
WHEN: Friday, November 8, 2013 at 9pm
WHERE: Tio Leo's Lounge - 5302 Napa St, San Diego, CA
COST: It is at $12 cover charge. For more info, go to the Tio Leo's website

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