Curuye Cuban Dance Party in LA - Sun. Nov 10th

Last month was a HUGE turn out of people who were at the Curuye Party in LA. We ahd 5 from San Diego. It was literally like being at the San Francisco Rueda Festival. Unbelievably fun the entire night. Rumbankete was amazing (the live timba band from LA). So many great dancers out there and the salsa suelta lines were the biggest I have ever seen...I mean...take a look at the promo picture below of the November Curuye party...that's how big it was!!! It is THEE best Cuban salsa party in Southern California. Don't miss out! If you have a birthday in November, come celebrate it at the Curuye party where they have a birthday cake for all November babies and you get the birthday dance (dance with everyone) a lo Cubano style!!Don't be shy and get your dance on! Call me if you are interested in going or can offer a ride. We will need another driver/car. Contact me (Maritza) at (206)300-4523 or e-mail at if you need a ride or can offer a ride.

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