Friday Rueda Practice at Oceanside Pier - Fri. Aug. 3rd

Greetings Casineros & Amigos,
Going back to regular scheduled Friday Rueda practice locally, we are meeting up at Oceanside Pier to practice the moves I taught on Tuesday's last Level 1 Beginners class and to add some new add-on enchufla moves. Come for the fun of it. Anyone's invited. It won't be a formal class, just a practice to clean up some moves and to call some fun ruedas.  Practice! Practice! Practice! We will have a great time dancing outside to cool off from the heat. Check out this picture below to where we will be in reference to the Oceanside Pier.

Here are the details:
WHAT: Friday Rueda Practice at Oceanside Pier - FREE
WHEN: Friday, August 3, 2018 7pm-8:30pm                                 
WHERE: The north side of the Oceanside Pier down the right side of the stairs

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