Cuba Trip - Rueda con Ritmo December 2018 trip - Early Bird Special deadline Sept 1st to register for the trip

Greetings Everyone!
We are about to enter into the Fall season which means, time to make a decision (yes or no) on going to Cuba with me, Ryan & Sidney. I already paid for my flight to Ft Lauderdale from San Diego. Registration for the December trip is the thing you need to do if you are going. 

You have the choice to go 1, 2 or 3 weeks:
Week 1 - December 9th-16th - Gibara, Santiago, and Guantánamo*
Week 2 - December 16th -23rd - Santiago, Buey Arriba, and Bayamo - Oriente Rueda Festival*
Week 3 - December 23rd - 30th - Havana
Here is the link to details of the December trip (two festival!!) You can choose whichever week you would like to do.

Deadline to pay the $800 deposit is September 1st for any of the December weeks. You get the best deal if you pay the deposit now. Check the Rueda con Ritmo Cuba Trip December 2018 webpage for the prices of 1 week, for 2 weeks, or for 3 weeks depending on your accommodations (double room or single room). You decide which week and how many weeks.

In 2016, I did all 3 weeks and it was the best trip I ever took out of the country. Cuba in December...the people, music and dance training...priceless. All you need to do is register. Here is the actual link to the registration form for the trip.  Una bulla!!

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