Maritza's Beginner Level 3 Series of Rueda de casino now open - Starts Tues. Sept 4th

Greetings Amigos y Casineros, 
I am starting Beginner level 3 Rueda de Casino on Tuesday, Sept 4th. Just show up on the first day. 
Level 3 Beginner's Series is now open and taking people. 
REGISTRATION: Just show up on the first day (Sept 4th)
TIME & DATES: 7pm-8:30pm;   
COST: $40.00 per person
LOCATION:  Doug's Studio 1717 S. Iris Lane, Escondido, CA 92026
WEBSITE: See Maritza's curriculum in the Casino Rueda Links tab 
REQUIREMENTS: Dancers entering this series must already know the following moves:  Pa'l Medio, Caminamos, the Tarro series of moves, Dile Que No, Guapea, Matala (series of moves), Fly (series of moves), Dame (and a few variations), Botala Pa'tras, Enchufla (and a few variations) and Echevarria, Pa'bajo, exhibela, vacilala, sombrero and vacilala variations). There are NO Drop-in's and NO make up classes for this series. The purpose of a closed series is to raise the level of the dancer's knowledge/skill to the next level as a group. All the levels are described on this link

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