October Casino on Cardboard at Oceanside Harbor - Sat. Oct 5th

It's that time again to dance outside. We're getting the cardboard out so we can dance as the sun goes down in Oceanside Harbor!!!

Here are the details:
What: Casino on Cardboard at Oceanside Harbor
When: Saturday, October 5th from 5pm-7pm
Where: Oceanside Harbor Beach (from the I-5, exit Oceanside Harbor and go west. If you go east you end up at Camp Pendleton
Here is the link to the location/directions on Google Maps. We will be at a different place from last time, closer to where they wash the boats. This map is specifically made to show you exactly where we will be on the sand.

This is a free event and it is family friendly. It is a snack-luck, so bring something to share and bring some water or any beverage you like. I have new playlist and a the rock blocker readily charged up so we could keep dancing for a long long time.

I'll be leading a few salsa suelta lines and calling some ruedas. Come and cool off by the sea and enjoy dancing outside to natural air-conditioning especially made by the Pacific Ocean.

Una Bulla!

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