Friday Rueda Practice Prep for Mega-Rueda at Musica en la Plaza - Fri. Apr 27th

Greetings Everyone!
Start the weekend right dancing rueda de casino at our Friday Rueda Practice for an hour before we the Musica en la Plaza event featuring Manny Cepeda Orquestra. Come refresh on the moves we learned in class this week and what I plan to call in the ruedas at Musica en la Plaza. The picture below is where we will be in Grape Day Park for our practice. 

Here are the details:
WHAT: Rueda de casino practice 
WHEN: Friday, April 27, 2019  
        6:15pm-7pm - Friday Rueda Practice for Mega-Rueda at Musica en la Plaza
        7pm walk together to the Lyric Plaza where Manny Cepeda is playing
Breakdown of the practice (Intermediate level only):
Rueda moves to review

Enchufla con Ronde
El Corto con la Bola
Dame la Loca Con Bulla  (add-on: Dame Dos)
Exhibela Pa'fuera
Dame con Tembleque
Dame con Despelote
Enchufla doble y Quedate
Enchufla DQN y Paseala
Enchufla pa-rriba (festival)

WHERE: Grape Day Park at the old Santa Fe Train Depot in Escondido. Also known as the Escondido History Museum
340 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025
Look for the green building on this weblink as your visual aid guide to find us. We will be there!

WHERE TO PARK: Park in the big parking lot off Woodward Ave. Once you park, then click this link to find your way to us. If you enter at the Center for the Arts and go towards the grass to the Train Depot. You will see us there on the wooden platform as on the picture above.

Una Bulla!

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