Seattle Cuban Dance Fest - July 11-14th

Greetings Casineros,
For those of you looking to travel to learn to dance Cuban, here is a festival that is on its 3rd round of offering dance workshops and dance parties in the beautiful Seattle location of the University of Washington Seattle. This is the best time to travel out to the Northwest because of all the long daylight each day offers. The sun goes down at 10:30pm!!!! I know, right!??? This is where I modeled our Casino on Cardboard idea that I implemented in San Diego. They do Casino on Cardboard every Friday in the summer and it will be there during this festival. Start saving your vacation accrual for work or if you have the time and $$, you should make a trip to check this out.  I already have my pass. Last year, I went for the first time and I absolutely loved it!! They offer dorm accommodations on the campus to make it convenient for walking to the workshops. Ask me (Maritza) about this event because I can tell you how to prepare.

Here are the details:
WHAT:  Cuban Dance Festival - Workshops, dance parties, rueda parties outside!
WHEN: July 11-14, 2019
 WHERE:  University of Washington Seattle Campus -
 COST: $30-$170 as of 2/24/2019. Click this link to purchase online

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