Beginner Level 1 Rueda Practice in Escondido - Thurs. Jan. 10th

Greetings Casineros,
Come and join us at Grape Day Park in Escondido for a rueda practice meet up. The Park is located next to the Center for the Arts. This is an outdoor rueda practice with the beginner's rueda. Come ready to sweat and have fun practicing the moves we learned this last Tuesday!
Beginners Level 1 moves:
Closed Position moves: 
Pa'l Medio - Step touch step touch, start outside the circle, the inside the circle
Flaco - compress the circle to be skinny
Gordo - widen the circle to be fat
Caminamos pa'rriba - walk forward on the "parrim-poom-pah...parrim-poom-pah" rhythm

Open position moves:
Guapea - Cuban Basic - a.k.a. paso basico
Matala - kill it! (the cockroach) 
Esta Vivo - It's alive! (the cockroach)
Aplastala - Smash it! (the cockroach)
Un Fly - A flyball in baseball

Here are the details:
WHAT: Meet-Up for a rueda de casino practice (beginner level only from Tuesdays class)
WHEN: Thursday, January 10th from 7:00pm-8:30pm 
WHERE: Grape Day Park at the old Santa Fe Train Depot in Escondido.
340 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025
Look for the green building on this weblink as your visual aid guide to find us. We will be there!

WHERE TO PARK: Park in the big Center for the Arts parking lot off of Escondido Blvd and Woodward Ave. Once you park, then click this link to find your way to us. Enter the Center for the Arts and go left towards the grass to the Train Depot. You will see us there on the wooden platform on the picture above.

Una Bulla!

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