Rueda in the Park's 13th Anniversary Beach Party in LA - Sun. July 23rd

Come celebrate RITP's 13th year of bringing casino/rueda de casino to the community. Dance, eat, sing along to music and enjoy the great company of all our favorite casineros/salseros/timberos, etc.  We can't take you all to cuba to celebrate Rueda in the Park's 13th Year in being, but we can bring la fiesta cubana to Santa Monica/Los Angeles. All Casineros/Salseros welcome.  LADIES get ready for the annual women lead the men rueda that we do every year(la tradicion)...I hope you have been practicing..same goes for the men...time to follow.

Here are the details:
WHAT: Rueda in the Park 13th Anniversary Dance Party at the Beach

WHEN: Sunday, July 23, 2017; 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. o hasta no sacan(or until they kick us out)!!
At 11 a.m class will be taught by Tania, which will be a refresher course of some of the moves we have done in the past. 

WHERE: Show Map   2000 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405-1012

HOW TO PREPARE: Please bring something to share as this is a potluck...make sure it is cooked as we can't cook there. Try to bring enough for 15-20 people for whatever dish, drink, etc you are bringing. And no alcohol is allowed as this is Santa Monica. We will have a List so people know what to bring or what others are bringing that way we don't have 50 bags of chips or cookies. Please add what you will bring when you RSVP on the Facebook event page.  Plates, Cups, napkins and utensils ARE covered......

Note: You might want to bring change for parking meters or just park where there is flat rate parking. See you there!

Potluck List:
Tania - anniversary fruit torta from portos....of course

**We need side dishes (potatoes, frijoles negros, rice, yucca, salads, international dishes are great as well etc); main dishes (meats -porks, chicken, beef, etc); drinks (water, juice, soda, lemondate etc).

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