Special Casino Saturday Workshop Intensive with Kati Hernandez & Yasser Ramos in LA - Sat. Dec. 8th

Attention Casineros & Amigos!
Yasser Ramos and Nachito Herrera JR. STRAIGHT FROM CUBA will join Cuban Choreographer and educator Kati Hernandez on her CASINO SATURDAYS CLASS @ SOHO DANCE. A very special 4-HR INTENSIVE Cuban style Salsa featuring a TIMBA musicality clinic/lecture for Dancers with a Q&A session follow with a meet and great the artists. A series of special workshops on casino and musicality. SPICE UP YOUR SOCIAL DANCING!!!!
Cuban maestra Kati Hernández breaks down authentic, fun Cuban moves to help you bring flavor to your social dance giving you tools to learn HOW TO HAVE A CONVERSATION ON THE DANCE FLOOR regardless of your level.

LEARN CASINO (Cuban style salsa) moves and turns - focusing on generally-applicable LEADING AND FOLLOWING TECHNIQUES, as well as conveying the essence of Casino. Leave with a sense of true Cuban MUSICALITY as well as PRACTICAL DANCE DRILLS that will help you improve not only your body movements but also will help you grow as a dancer in this complex and beautiful form. Kati trains some of the top Casino dance teams in the USA. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her. Learn how to groove and dance the Cuban way. Join our vibrant community and have fun

Here are the details:
WHAT: A series of workshops for Casineros and Timba Lovers with master instructor Kati Hernandez and Direct from Cuba music artist Yasser Ramos 

WHEN: Saturday, December 8, 2018

Schedule of the workshops

11 am - 12pm. LEVEL ONE Fundamentals of Casino
Let's build the cake. We will be working on the Fundamentals of casino.
30 min: Footwork without partners, basic Cuban fun Body movement applicable to social dancing, and coordination drills that will help you become a better dancer.
30 min. Basic Partner work. Focusing on Casino and leading technique and tools to get you to the dance floor with confidence regardless of your dance level.

12pm-1:30 pm LEVEL TWO Casino Moves and Fun Combinations 
                         (must know Guapea, Enchufla and Dile que no)
30 min. Fun suelta (with out a partner) footwork. Musicality and body movement drills
1hr- Casino moves and fun combinations.

TIMBA Clinic/Lecture with Yasser Ramos and Nachito Herrera. Meet and greet the artists and paractice your moves to the sound of DJ Warapo.

LOCATION: SoHo Dance LA -  1618 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025

REGISTRATION: PLEASE RSVP: You can register by using VENMO @kati-hernandez
Uuse this Venmo description: Salsa with Kati or go directly to this Square Link and pay online.

COST: It depends on what workshop sessions you select to participate; Between $15-$40

PARKING: There is a small garage under the studio you can park at AND there is PARKING on the STREETS.

PLEASE NOTE: Non-refundable

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