Round 2: Casino on Cardboard in Oceanside Harbor Beach

We are expecting better weather this Saturday, so come and join us in the launching party of our new San Diego Rueda Community Blog.

The dance floor is cardboard and it will be on the sand, so dress for the beach and layer up in case of weather changes. If it rains, we'll announce the cancellation on the blog by 1pm on Saturday. So check before you head out. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, November... 19th - 3:30-5:30pm

Where: Oceanside Harbor Beach - (Your marker) on North Pacific St in front of the Marina Del Mar Condominiums. There is $3 parking if you want to park close to our dance site or park for free in the guest parking lot across from Joe's Crab Shack on S. Harbor Dr. on the left (you go through a tunnel).
Here is a link to a map.

Who: This is open to all and family friendly. New to dancing casino? We'll show you some basic steps. It's all about footwork anyways. FREE! Come join us in a suelta line dance.

What to bring: Layered clothes, beach chairs, towels, snacks and drinks. We'll get there 1 hour early (2:30pm) to set up.

How can you help? We will need at least 6 people to help even out the sand and duct-tape our dance floor. Helpers need to be there at 2:30pm. Call me if you get lost: (206)300-4523

Ui-yui-yuuii! Te veo!
Tremendo jala jala...tremendo traqueteo!

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