Friday Rueda Practice at Grape Day Park

Greetings Everyone!
Get ready to start the weekend with our Friday Rueda Practice. The picture below is where we will be in Grape Day Park for our practice. This is a practice of all the rueda moves we did in class this week. There will also be a practice on how to dance one-on-one casino, which means taking the rueda out of the equation and learning to dance one-on-one with the moves you already know. 

Here are the details:
WHAT: rueda de casino practice (beginner level 1 and 2 only)
WHEN: Friday, August 18, 2017 from 6:30pm-8:00pm
Breakdown of the practice:
6:00pm - for beginners needing more time to repeat basic moves

6:30pm - rueda practice begins
7:30pm - One-on-one casino practice
WHERE: Grape Day Park at the old Santa Fe Train Depot in Escondido. Also known as the Escondido History Museum
340 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025
Look for the green building on this weblink as your visual aid guide to find us. We will be there!

WHERE TO PARK: Park in the big parking lot off Woodward Ave. Once you park, then click this link to find your way to us. If you enter at the Center for the Arts and go towards the grass to the Train Depot. You will see us there on the wooden platform as on the picture above.

Una Bulla!

Cubamanía Dance Matinée & Sexteto Sonero del Caribe

Facebook EventCubamanía Dance Matinée & Sexteto Sonero del Caribe

THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 20th. Sexteto Sonero del Caribe returns to Cubamanía to celebrate our Co-host Robert Morales’ Birthday!!!

** You can’t miss this special event. We are bringing back our favorite band that started our Cubamanía journey, Sexteto Sonero del Caribe. Dedicated to the traditional styles and rhythms, performing their very best in Son Cubano and Tropical Salsa music.

** DJ Music by, Deejay Warapo! Playing the best of Cuban Music. Cuban Son, Timba, Rumba, Cubaton and more!

** CELEBRATING AUGUST BIRTHDAYS! Free entrance if your birthday is in August! Send message to to be added to our birthday guest list.

** $12 cover includes dance lesson and entrance to Salsa and Bachata rooms after Cubamania event ends at 9pm.

We are GRATEFUL for supporting the venue, our local instructors and musicians. Thank you for the opportunity to bring this event to you each month.

Una Bulla!!!
Robert & Laura Cristina

5332 Stevens Pl,

Timba Dance Social at Cafe Europa (Turquoise Bar) in Pacifc Beach - Sat. Sept 30th

Great News! Looks like we might have a regular spot for Timba-lovers and casineros. Cafe Europa Turquoise Bar is coordinating a once a month timba social night on the 4th Saturday of the month. Basilio (the owner) and I are working together to make this happen. So this one is going to have my playlist ready for some casino dancing. Some of you remember when we used to go to this place to hear live son music. Well, now it will be a Cuban music haven for casineros to mingle,dance and socialize in this adorable place. Come join us on the launch of hopefully many 4th Saturdays of the month to dance casino with our friends and welcome new dancing guests to timba music and all that is Cuban music.
Here are the details:
WHAT: Casinero Meet Up for dancing and socializing
WHEN: Saturday, September 30th 9pm-1am
WHERE: Cafe Europa Turquoise Bar - 873 Tourquoise St., San Diego, CA 92109
COST: Just buy some food and drinks. It's a great menu and great prices



CURUYE’s AUGUST CUBAN SALSA TIMBA DANCE PARTY is coming up!  CUBAN SALSA! TIMBA! REGGAETÓN! DEEJAY WARAPO will be playing that Cuban dance music we love so much, and just for coming out to dance this afternoon, you’ll be helping CURUYE donate school supplies to youth in need! 

 L.A. WELCOMES MARITZA BAÍDA who will be teaching RUEDA de CASINO at 5:30 PM! Also, JEANNIQUE PROSPERE, and CAMILLE RAY of Pa’ La Orilla, will be leading some very cool and funky line dances! The GRANADA’s expansive Main Ballroom offers plenty of space to express yourself dancing SALSA,  RUEDAS de CASINO, and REGGAETÓN LINES!

BIRTHDAY PEEPS include  AMY HARTENDORP, ERIKA AGUILAR, IVON ROMERO, JENNIFER FLANZER, KAREN POWELL, RUBY ROJAS (so far!), celebrating their birthdays with cake and a birthday dance. LET’s HELP THEM CELEBRATE!

This is that time of year that Curuye uses part of the profits from the dance party to donate supplies to youth who may need our support This year a donation will be made to the education program of the 5 KEYS COVENANT HOUSE HOMELESS SHELTER for YOUTH! 

Consider having a light snack, or a great entrée from Chef Israel’s menu of tasty dishes! If you would like to reserve a table, message Curuye!

$10 over charge includes the dance class.



The GRANADA 17 South First Street, Alhambra 91801. Free parking in structure across the street from the Granada.

Rudy's Celebration of Life at HarborFest/Casino on Concrete/Grass in Chula Vista- Sat. Aug 19th

Greeting Friends!
This month's installment of Casino on Cardboard has been changed to Casino on Concrete in conjunction with Harborfest in Chula Vista. YES! A NEW SPOT! This is a special event dedicated to remembering Rodrigo Tamayo (Rudy), a celebration of his life event where he would have preferred: on the beach, dancing casino to timba and son in his 'hood at Harborfest with his dancing friends. Everyone who knew Rudy is invited! Anyone who did not know Rudy, please come and enjoy the festivities get to know who Rudy was to our community as we celebrate his life through the events he most enjoyed; Harborfest and Casino on Concrete. It's for everyone!

Collage of Rudy Collection Project:
We are asking anyone who knew Rudy to please submit any pictures of him a we are doing a digital collage. Please submit your pictures to Roi Bignac: or to Susie Carvalho: 

 There have been some changes to the location of Casino on Cardboard (now Casino on Concrete/Grass) and Rudy's Celebration of Life. Getting a permit to combine two dance communities was a nightmare. As much as we wanted to combine communities it was difficult getting around all the rules and number cap that we had to separate the two events. Plus Rudy would have wanted something smaller and in his 'hood, Chula Vista. He was an avid participant of the annual Harborfest event and loved Manny Cepeda's music. So we are starting the meet up at Harborfest as there are 3 live Latin bands playing Cuban music and salsa. Then after the event is over we will walk to the south end of the park and down to the Chula Vista Bayfront Park/Marina to keep dancing at Casino on Concrete overlooking the harbor. This will require you to drive down a little more in your car and park at this location. We will still keep to the announced schedule to do a remembrance candle-light moment of silence for Rudy at 8pm. Hope you can still make it despite the location change.

Here are the details:
WHAT: Casinero Meet Up at the Chula Vista Harborfest following Casino on Caoncrete/Grass Celebration of Life for our friend, Rudy
WHERE:  Chula Vista HarborFest - 999 Bayside Parkway, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Casino on Concrete/Grass at Chula Vista Bayfront Park & Celebration of Life for Rudy - 980 Marina Way, Chula Vista, CA 91910

WHEN: Saturday, August 19, 2017 12pm-9pm
Schedule of activities:
12noon-6pm - Harborfest activities (FREE), There will be  three live salsa/Cuban music at the Latin Beat Stage at Harborfest. The line up and timeline goes a follows. Casineros Meet-Up at the Latin Beats Stage
12-1:15pm - Perla Negra
1:30-2:30pm - Manny Cepeda Orcehstra
4:15-5pm - Charlie Chavez y Su AfroTruko
Click this link to see the Harborfest Activities Map (look for "B" on the event page Map and this is where we will meet.

6-8pm Casino on Concrete/Grass - Timba Dance party begins with Maritza's Timba playlist running.
     6pm Maritza will teach some fun rueda moves for everyone
     8pm - We will have a Candle-Light Moment of Silence to remember and honor Rudy

HOW TO PREPARE: The Casino on Concrete/Grass is a potluck so bring food and drinks. We reserved a spot in front of the water, so bring beach equipment (Beach chairs, blankets, sweaters as it will get cold at night. We will need 3 to 4 portable tables for the food and drinks, a couple of ice chests with ice for drinks.

Casinero Meet Up at The Lot Liberty Station in Point Loma - Sun Aug 6th

Hey Everyone!
A bunch of us are planning to go and dance at this regular event. It's Salsa/Bachata Night at the LOT in Point Loma hosted by Majesty in Motion. It's not timba but we can still dance casino and 3 pair rueda de casino as the dance space is small. Let's check it out. Something to do on a Summer Sunday night, right?  Below is the information about the event from the Facebook event page:
Join us on Sunday, August 6th for Salsa and Bachata Sunday Fun Day at the beautiful LOT Liberty Station. NOW OPEN EVERY SUNDAY! Please share and invite your friends. DJ Farley and Mo Lyon in the mix playing your favorite Salsa and Bachata!  The LOT Liberty Station is not just home to a wonderful cinema, it also features a completely glass-enclosed café, bar and restaurant space -- perfect for dancing the night away!

Here are the details:
WHAT: Casinero Meet Up for social dancing at Majesty in Motion's Salsa/Bachata Night
WHEN: Sunday, August 6, 2017 6-10pm 
      Salsa class taught by Majesty in Motion Dance Co. 6-6:30pm Dancing!
WHERE: The Lot Liberty Station - 2620 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106
COST: $10 Cover    Family friendly
MORE INFO:  619.917.1721 l

Buena Vista SoCal Club Playing Live at Hacienda La Vega in Carlsbad - Sat Aug 12th

Greeting Everyone, 
FINALLY something happening in North County!! Check this out! A Local Band from San Diego called Buena Vista SoCal Club playing Son Cubano, Chachacha and Boleros. Come enjoy their list of traditional Afro Cuban music at Hacienda de Vega in Carlsbad.
Here are the details:
WHAT: Casinero Meet Up to Support Live Music from Buena Vista SoCal Club
WHEN: Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:30pm-10pm
WHERE: Hacienda de Vega Carlsbad - 5806 Van Allen Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008
COST: Buy drinks and food from the menu