Noche Cubana


When:  Saturday, November 1st, 7-11pm
Where:  WorldBeat Center
2100 Park Blvd, SD 92101
Cost: $15
All Ages Event! Children 12 & under Free!
Authentic Cuban cuisine & beverages
available for purchase.

 Noche Cubana, Sat. Nov. 1st

Get ready for San Diego's premier Cuban Music & Dance Party featuring live performances by SD's favorite Rueda de Casino, with the best of the Rueda community's dynamic moves, the classic sound of Guarapo Cuban band, Omo Aché's rhythmic tribute - "Fantastic Five" and a special performance by "El Puro."  Don't miss your Free Salsa lesson with Juan Carlos Blanco & keep grooving to the best Cuban music on the open-floor dance party!  A bailar y a gozar!

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Upcoming Events in October/November 2014 for Mobile devise Users

Greetings Everyone!
For your instant gratification needs, I have posted all links to details of local San Diego (and neighboring county) events below into one blog spot. Enjoy and let your fingers click away to all the dancing!! Weaaa!

Links to Upcoming Events

Sun. Oct 12th - Curuye Timba Dance Party in LA featuring RUMBANKETE
Fri, Oct 17th - Tropical Blue with live music from Obako-Son at Queen Bee's
Fri. Oct 17th - Giraldo Piloto & Klimax Concert in LA
Sat. Oct 18th - Percussion Workshop with Silfredo la O Vigo in Tijuana
Sat. Oct 18th - Casino on Concrete at Moonlight Beach
Sat. Nov 1st - Noche Cubana
Sat/Sun Nov 15-16 - Ryan & Sidney (Rueda Con Ritmo) Rueda & Musicality Workshops

Percussion & Cuban Body Movement Workshop with Master Instructor Silfredo La O Vigo in Tijuana - Sat. Oct 18th

Our wonderful friends and casineros in Tijuana (Guayaberos Tijuana) are hosting a workshop event this Saturday with San Diego Master Instructor Silfredo La O Vigo.
Here are the details:
WHAT: Percussion & Cuban Body Movement Workshop
WHEN: Saturday, October 18th - 4-5pm Percussion & Cuban Body Movement 5-7pm
WHERE: at Antigua Bodega de Papel Bar/Cafe
COST: Percussion class $10;  Cuban Body Movement Class $20: Both classes (promotional) $25.00

Tropical Blue Cuban Night at Queen Bee's - Fri. Oct 17th

San Diego has been blessed with a new Cuban Son Band called Obako-Son.  This event is produced and led by Emilio Camacho, our local Cuban tumbador extraordinaire! Come and have some authentic home made Cuban food, listen to some authentic son Cubano and let's dance!

Below are the details:

WHAT: Tropical Blue:  A night of live Cuban son music by NEW local son band, Obako-Son and home made Cuban food
WHEN:  Friday, October 17, 2014  at 7pm
WHERE: Queen Bee's CArt & Cultural Center - Click the address here for Google Map directions: 3925 Ohio St., San Diego, CA 92104
COST: $15 - includes entrance fee and a Cuban meal (HOMEMADE!) per person. No separate fee for just entrance. It's still $15.00 a person BUT worth it!!



PARTY UPDATES: In addition to RUMBANKETE playing LIVE, to make sure we stay on the dance floor all night we'll have 2 DJs!  DJ RICUBANA, & DEEJAY WARAPO will be spinning between live sets!


Chef Israel will be serving up everything from sandwiches and salads, to entrées like Curuye's fave: the lechón asado (roasted pork). If you think you'll be eating with your group, we can reserve you a table!

San Diego helped make last year's party unforgettable! Come out 'A BAILAR y A GOZAR' again!

Bay Area's Rueda Con Ritmo (Ryan & Sidney) Rueda/Casino/Musicality Workshops in San Diego - Sat/Sun Nov 15-16

    Greetings Casineros,
    We have great news to share! In November, we will have the honor of hosting Bay Area's highly acclaimed rueda/casino dance instructors, Ryan Mead & Sidney Weaverling from Rueda Con Ritmo.
    Heavily sought after instructors whose dance congress workshops fill to capacity for their talent in teaching musicality and incredibly fun and entertaining rueda moves and salsa suelta moves that match the accents to Cuban music and timba. These workshops are also for casineros & salseros looking to challenge themselves to dance on clave (on-4). To learn more about Sidney & Ryan, please check out their bios and videos on their website titled Rueda Con Ritmo. See below for workshop descriptions.

    Saturday, November 15th
    Studio locations to be announced
    1:00 PM Partnering for Cuban-style Salsa (Two Levels - Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced)
    2:00 PM Origins of Rueda: Moves from 1957 to 1964 (All levels)
    3:00 PM Musicality: Dancing the Rhythms of Salsa and Timba (All levels)
    4:00 PM Salsa Workout and Body Movement: Rumba in Salsa (All levels)

    Sunday, November 16th
    Studio location to be announced
    12:00 PM Intro to Son Cubano (All levels)
    1:00 PM Dancing with Clave: Changing Time (All levels)
    2:00 PM Santiago-style Salsa and Rueda (Intermediate/Advanced)
    3:00 PM Salsa Workout and Body Movement: Son in Salsa (All levels)

    PRICE: One class: $15 pre-reg / $20 door
    Two classes: $25 pre-reg / $35 door
    Each Additional Class: $10
    Four classes in one day $40 pre-reg / $50 door
    All Eight classes $75 pre-reg / $90 door

    Pre-Registration begins now until Friday, Nov 15th 10pm. Then the Paypal window will close and classes will be at-the-door prices for workshops.

    To Pre-Register, you have 4 options:
    1. Send a check to 365 Pomelo Dr. G-9, Vista, CA 92081. Make check payable to Maritza Baida; please let her know which workshops you plan to attend.
    2. Send Maritza your e-mail address to, let her know which workshops you are paying for and she will send you a Paypal Invoice where you pay online.
    3. If you plan to pay for all, one class, 2 , 3 or 4 workshops, you can pay directly to Pal Pal by clicking "Buy Now" button.
    4. If you see Maritza in person before Friday, Nov 15th, you can pay her cash or check but let her know which workshops you plan to attended.
      Workshop Packages at Pre-Reg Prices

    Partnering for Cuban-style Salsa (Two Levels, Beginning and Int/Adv)
    Cuban-style salsa (sometimes called casino) is dynamic and circular, even when not danced in a circle (rueda). In this class we will teach some of our favorite one-on-one turn patterns (traditional and original). Ryan and Sidney will teach separately, so there will be two different levels dancing simultaneously (beginning and intermediate/advanced).

    Origins of Rueda: Moves from 1957 to 1964 (Levels 2 and up)
    Rueda de Casino was first created by a group of teenagers in Havana in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In July, Ryan and Sidney traveled to Havana to meet and dance with several of the original dancers of the style (called "Fundadores," now in their 60s and 70s). In this class you'll learn many of the moves from the early days, including Derecha-izquierda, Bótala p'atrás, Enróscate, and Bikini.

    Musicality: Dancing to the Rhythms of Salsa and Timba
    Cuban music is incredibly rich and rhythmically layered, offering us a great abundance of material to draw upon as dancers. In this class you'll learn some of the most common accents in timba how to express these rhythms with your body, primarily through changes in footwork. This rhythmic understanding will enhance your enjoyment of the music and invigorate your dancing, both in the rueda and with a partner.

    Salsa Workout and Body Movement (All levels)
    In this energetic, full-body workout, we explore the roots and relatives of salsa. We warm up with basic footwork and move on to explore more complex rhythmic variations and related dance styles (such as Son, Mambo, Rumba and Cha-cha-chá) building towards completing the class with a dynamic and fun choreography. We will focus more on the relationship between Rumba and Salsa on Saturday, and the relationship between Son and Salsa on Sunday.

    Intro to Son Cubano (All levels)
    Son is the style of dance and music that directly preceded Salsa in Cuba, but it is still a living tradition in itself. It is beautiful and elegant, simple in movements but sophisticated in rhythm and style. Many of the best salsa dancers incorporate movements, turns, timing, and style from son into their salsa dancing. In this class you'll learn the characteristic rhythm of Son (called "contratiempo" or "on 2") as well as some fundamental steps, movements, and turn patterns.

    Dancing with Clave: Changing Time (All levels)
    The clave is the rhythmic essence, the "key," of salsa music. In this class you'll learn to identify the two key distinctions that make the four types of clave used in salsa: 3-2 vs. 2-3 and son vs. rumba. We'll use this knowledge of the clave to help us switch back and forth between dancing "on 1" ("a tiempo") and "on 2" ("a contratiempo"). And beyond the how of switching time, we’ll delve into why you would want to switch: what cues to listen for and respond to in the music. It is highly recommended (but not required) to take the Intro to Son class prior to this class.

    Santiago-style Salsa and Rueda (Intermediate/Advanced)
    Santiago is the birthplace of Son Cubano and continues to be a center of innovation in both dance and music. Ryan and Sidney traveled to Santiago in July, studying from several different groups and teachers. In this class we'll show you our favorite new moves from Santiago, both one-on-one Salsa patterns and group moves for the Rueda.