SD Traditions

Since San Diego Counties can span a large distance, there are dance events in different places North, Central and South San Diego and in nearby counties. Things are starting to happen in San Diego and certain staple events (traditions) that happen once a month with contact information about each are happening on a regular basis:

Casino on Whatever in San Diego and  Hike-n-Rueda Meet-Ups

Casino on Whatever Dance Parties at the Beach
A once-a-month progressive rueda dance party at the beach located at designated parks or beach sites along the San Diego coastline.  Depending on the beach site, we are dancing on cardboard, concrete, astroturf, grass, don't matter, We just want to dance timba music.   

Hike-n-Rueda Meet-Ups
Last year in the Speing, we organized a number of hiking meet-ups for casineros where we danced rueda de casino any chance we could on the hiking trail. Maritza brought her UE Megaboom speaker and we stopped to dance rueda along the trail while we hiked. This was really fun and we are bringing it back for the whole year.

In 2019, this will event will take place once a month.  This is a FREE event and family friendly. Set up as a snack-luck event which means people bring snacks to share similar to a potluck.  This event will always be announced on the blog and on Maritza's Facebook page "Baila Cubano San Diego Inc."

Contact Person: Maritza Baida
Cell#: (206)300-4523

2019 Itinerary

December 7, 2019 - Casino on Concrete at Oceanside Pier

Curuye Timba dance party Carpool to LA
2nd Sunday of the month. We organize a carpool at Oceanside Park & Ride Lot 44 and drive together to the best Southern Cal Timba Dance Party around. If you have not been to one, put it on your bucket list of things to do when you are in town on a Sunday afternoon. It typically goes from 5pm to 10pm in Alhambra at the Granada LA. Organized by Curuye (Kay Torres). 

Noche Cubana
This event happens once a quarter (every 4 months). It is a night of live music, dance performances, DJ playing Cuban music. It's a chance to dance and meet other casineros from all parts of San Diego,  Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County. If you want to know more about what Juan Carlos is organizing, e-mail him and request to be on his e-mail newsletter.
Contact Person:  Juan Carlos Blanco