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Greetings Casineros,
My name is Maritza and I am a proud and enthusiastic casinera. I love Cuban music and dance. This is space will honor the great efforts in San Diego to promote the music and dance we love most a lo Cubano. Our Cuban community, dance instructors, local casineros, and our casino familia from around the US and around the world will have access to post. This is a place to discuss, appreciate and learn more about Cuban music and dance. There will be a video of the week posted. There will be announcements on rueda practices and events around San Diego. If there are Cuban events in Tijuana, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Francisco...they are welcome to announce on this blog. NOT everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MeetUp, or Google+, so this blog will be a place to get information on events and news update in the Cuban dance and music community. We also will announce any Cuban art shows. We need to support our artists, bands, dancers and local Cuban restaurants.  Bienvenidos! Looking forward to see your posts.

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